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Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Li Baodong after Adoption of Security Council Resolution on Sudan and South Sudan

Mr. President,

China has followed closely the situation in Sudan and South Sudan, and has been deeply worried about the recent deterioration of relations between the two countries. We hope the two countries stick to the path of peace, put an immediate end to all hostilities and violence, and fully respect each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, restore peace and stability along their borders as soon as possible. We hope they fully implement the existing agreements in good faith, resolve the outstanding issues through dialogue and negotiations and make joint efforts to forge good-neighborly and friendly relations of equality, mutual trust andmutual benefit.

Mr. President,

China has all along maintained that the international community should take an objective, impartial and balanced position on Sudan and South Sudan, avoid taking sides or imposing unbalanced pressure on the parties, and refrain from interfering in the mediation efforts of the African Union and other regional organizations and countries. We are always very cautious about use or threat of sanctions.

In the meantime, China has all along maintained that African issues should be settled by Africa in African ways. We commend and support the unremitting efforts made by the African Union to promote the settlement of the issues between Sudan and South Sudan, and welcome the roadmap adopted by the African Union in this regard. We hope Sudan and South Sudan actively provide their cooperation to the mediation efforts of the African Union and the international community, take practical steps to implement the AU roadmap, and seek early and proper solution of the relevant issues.

Taking into consideration of the AU positions and requests on the situation between Sudan and South Sudan, China voted in favor of Security Council resolution 2046 that was just adopted. China will continue to play a positive and constructive role in promoting the proper settlement of issues between Sudan and South Sudan, along with the international community.

Thank you, Mr. President.