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Sino-South Sudan Economic & trade cooperation

China began to provide assistance for South Sudan in 1970s. Chinese agricultural experts have taught the people there to grow rice. Chinese medical aid teams had been sent to Juba, Wau and Malakal since 1971, offering medical treatment to the South Sudaneses. In 1985, China stopped sending medical teams due to the Sudanese civil war and resumed the aid in January 2012 after China and South Sudan signed a memorandum of understanding.

The Chinese government has been actively involving in South Sudan's economic and social construction, which include building hospitals and schools, digging wells, providing medical equipment, musical instruments, anti-malaria drugs and other emergency humanitarian supplies, as well as human resources training.

The bilateral economic and trade relations have been developing smoothly since South Sudan became an independent country. On Nov.22, 2011, the two sides signed bilateral trade, economic and technical agreements and established the bilateral joint economic and trade committee. As of October 2012, about 60 Chinese-funded enterprises have registered in South Sudan, related mainly to petroleum, construction, road and bridge, communications, etc.

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